Digital Heirlooms is a reunion documentation service.

We provide digital records of family reunions and other events in the form of CD-ROMs or DVDs. Digital Heirlooms will come to your event and shoot video interviews (or storytelling), scan and digitize family photos, photograph family heirlooms, and take digital portraits of members of the group (individuals and group portraits).

Available services include:

Video interviews of selected people; Digital archive of scanned photographs, chosen artifacts and heirlooms, and photos from the event;

How Digital Heirlooms works:

Reunion planners should contact Digital Heirlooms at least 4 months prior to your event. (While we may be able to fit you in with less notice we cannot guarantee to meet your schedule with less lead-time than this.) Our representative will assemble a package that meets your needs and will provide you with a price quote.

Digital Heirlooms, upon receipt of your deposit, will mail out a packet to each name on your contact list. The packet describes what kind of items people may want to bring to the event for scanning, storytelling, or on-site photography. Guests will be instructed to gather relevant old photographs, provide names, date, locations and captions if possible. Family mementos are good too, especially if they can be used as visual aides to the telling, on camera, of family stories or anecdotes. Guests should make notes on any stories that they would like to share.

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At your event:

Digital Heirlooms will send out a team of technicians who will videotape interviews and storytellers, scan old photographs (and make notes for captions), photograph mementoes, and set up an area to take digital portraits of the guests.

After the event:

Digital Heirlooms will prepare images, edit video, and assemble a multimedia presentation containing the images provided and taken on-site, the final video clips, royalty-free background music of your choice, and tastefully prepared using one of our popular font and color schemes. This presentation will be placed on CD-ROM and/or DVD and a copy will be mailed to each person on your guest list.

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