The Earthship Project at Blackhawk Studios
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Lumber and steel mesh (cattle panels) greenhouse outer roof structure

  Construction Notes:

The greenhouse is designed to stretch the growing season by at least a month in the Spring and a month in the Fall. Additionally, it serves as supplemnental heat on sunny winter days (and a nice place to sit on those days too).

The roof is fiberglass but plastic (or another layer of fiberglass) can be fastened to the bottom of the joists to create double wall, as can the sideswalls. The first year I've used plastic sheeting on the side walls but intend to fit recycled glass eventually.

I've built some steel mesh shelves that allow me to have potted plants at about 4' above grade and another set of plants in the soil below the shelves. Sunlight and water can go through the shelves. This worked well this year with tomatoes, pepers and herbs above, peppers, onions, cilantro and carrots below.

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