The Earthship at Blackhawk: Part 1: Technologies


This is the story of our Earthship in rural Minnesota. It is the chronology of what we did, the technology we used to create our cozy, sustainable, and climatically practical earth-sheltered home. It is the reasoning behind the whole project, farm, earthship, and lifestyle.

Part 1: Technologies - Chapters:

Site Planning
Walls & Headers
Roof Insulation
Thermal Mass / Thermal Umbrella Theory
Exterior Insulation and Sheathing
Solar Low-voltage
Composting Toilet
Water Collection
Wastewater Treatment

For online publication we have broken our book into three main parts. The first is on the technologies that we used and is probably the most valuable to anyone trying to build themselves a practical, long term home. The second is on the philosophy behind why we built this and why we live the life we have chosen. Try to look at the bigger picture here and donít get lost in arguing the details. And the third part is the narrative of how this all worked out for us. It is in the form of a journal but I did not keep a journal as we were building so while the chronological content is accurate it was written in hindsight.

We are offering these as three separate documents so you can buy only what you are interested in and ignore the rest. Furthermore, due so restrictions on downloads under some circumstances (we canít assume everyone has high speed Internet) weíve broken each into sections that are, even with the high quality (print, not web) pictures and diagrams, each section is under 5mb for easy download.

Thank you for your interest.

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