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At Blackhawk we have a large, diverse garden that we raise using the most environmentally responsible, post-organic practices possible. We raise more than we can eat or process or, frankly, need. We do this in part because we want to share our bounty and in part because this practice fits out philosophical position*. Besides, you never know what the summer will bring so its probably wiser to plant widely and share the excesses, what ever they turn out to be.

Between Sunday and Wednesday each week we will post what we intend to harvest that week. We will take orders for delivery to the Library parking lot at SMSU at 4:00 pm on that Thursday. Orders will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. If we cannot fill your order we will respond by email. Orders that we don't get before we go into the garden on Thursday morning probably won't be filled that week.

Email Your Order

(Example Only) Ripe "Cold Set" Tomato ¤ 16 lbs. expected $2.50/lb.
(Example Only) Green Bunching Onions "Ishikura" ¤ Picked to order only $1.50/bunch
(Example Only) Cilantro "Santo" herb ¤ Picked to order only $0.70/bunch
(Example Only) Homemade Wild Grape Jelly $5.00/pint

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*At Blackhawk we believe in sustainability. You hear the word a lot these days, but think about what it actually means.


Renewable. Ecologically sound. We can't pull agrochemicals back out of our soil so we don't put them in. We eat, therfore we feed our garden and our garden feeds us. We use all of our livestock manure; we monocrop only in small batches (mainly for pollination) and rotate to renew the soil and avoid pests. We hand pick what bugs our chickens and turkeys miss. We try to get by with as little of what we can't produce as possible. We use local willow poles to trellis our beans and tomatoes, and sisal twine, which beaks down completely in a couple of years, for ties and strings. We don't poison anyone.


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