The Earthship Project at Blackhawk Studios
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The earthship uses precast concrete roof panels built by Schuur Concrete Products of Chandler, Minnesota. For the first phase we used three panels, 8' by 16' each. We liked the corbelled panel pattern for the ceiling (very Mediterranean). Since the insulation goes on top, the panel pattern shows from the living area.

Concrete was supplied by Southwest Concrete of Slayton, Minnesota, brought here from the Tracy, Mn. plant. We used 10+ yards in the foundation and another 10+ filling the block and casting the bond beam (additional concrete was hand mixed to fill the block below any interruptions in the block, access, electrical box recess, etc.)

Jeld-Wen Low-e Windows were purchased. Form lumber is being recycled into the greenhouse structures. Greenhouse panels are polycarbnate or fiberglass (polycarbonate is used where bright, direct sunshine is the primary concern, fiberglass where some privacy is prefferable), and some recycled glass where appropriate.

We used concrete block because we are getting on in years and don't have twenty year old backs anymore. We were able to lay block for as many hours a day as was practical (thanks to Pete and Ross).

We bought a chinese tractor with a backhoe and loader, the cheapest we could find, and, while we got just what we paid for, it has also been indespensible.