Workshops at Blackhawk: We offer summer workshops that include bronze casting with sand molds, ceramic tile mural, raku and cupolette construction.

Recent Past Workshops

  • Milan Village Arts School: Ceramic Mural and/or Border Tiles
  • Granary Rural Art Center: High School Metal Casting
  • Redwood Art In The Park (Tatanka Arts)
  • Walnut Grove Family Festival

2010 Workshops

This image is of a permanent installation in the Marshall, Minnesota Middle School.

The artists at Blackhawk have recieved grants for several workshop residencies in Minnesota Schools. This usually involves two sessions a week apart and held at the school. One session introduces the project and each student is given a clay tile and instructions for carving it. Another session is used for fine detailing, burnishing, and the application of the underglaze. Tiles are dried, bisque fired, glazed and fired at our studio and then installed in the school by Blackhawk. Feedback from students, teachers and parents has been very positive.


Processes and Sources:

¤ Repeating Pattern Tile process (including patterns, models, and molds).
¤ Investment metal casting process.
¤ Formulae and Resources.
¤ Lost Styrofoam casting process.

Implementing Different Learning Styles Using Reusable Learning Objects by Joel McKinney, Jianhao Chen, Ruth McKinney; Presented at the International Conference on Interactive Computer aided Learning, 2003, Villach, Austria
3D Curriculum Project Developed for computer design students with little studio experience, and sculpture students with little computer modeling experience.
SCORM Paper Discusses the issues relating to the necessary redundancy of stand-alone reusable learning objects, and posits a simple web-based solution for organizational structure. Published in eLearning Developers' Journal, Dec. 22, 2003.
Presentation on the VARK supplemental materials research I did at Northern State University's Center for Statewide Elearning. This is a PowerPoint Show and may require PowerPoint to view.
Defining a Simple Sequence for RLOs In this article, the necessity of introducing theories of instructional design into the field of reusable learning objects (RLO) is discussed. (Bush grant project)
Petroglyph Simulation Requires Flash 8 player. Read about the Petroglyph Simulation in this PDF Petroglyph Simulation Document
Watershed Point-source Pollution Game Requires Flash 8 player. Read about the Watershed Point-source Pollution Game in this PDF Watershed Point-source Pollution Game Document
Link to French Language Practice proof-of-concept piece (Real Media: Download, then play from desktop, recommended)
The following three games were developed for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove (
Make a Quilt Game Requires Flash 8 player or higher.)
Laura's Chores Game (Windows only)
Dress the Ingalls Game (Windows only)


Granary Rural Cultural Center High School Metal Casting (snow optional).