HTI Purchase Order Inquiry

PPS was a program we bought from a vendor that came with very poor training. We built several pieces of Antime/Just In Time training to aid our people. This particular training suite example taught users one fairly small thread of the tracking software. It was also a good use of the new Master Web Template I had recently developed.
As with all elearning modules I had to create a full set of screen captures to work from in order to show markings, expanded views, and to make notations on the images about what to do and what to look for. One significant advantage to static images is that the user can take as long as they want to look at the page. Some trainees learn faster than others.

My project required figuring out all of the erroneous moves a user might make as well as the more obvious moves we wanted them to learn. I then had to generate error and confirmation messages for feedback. A good simulation does not punish learners, instead it otivates them to experiment and learn without too much pressure.

This was also my first use of Captivate to build Flash based software process simulations with "word balloon" graphics for instructions (I had, however, been building such software simulations longhand for years at NSU). Captivate is excellent for one-size-fits-all elearning but from a robut content developer's perspective it lacks flexibility.

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