Our Custom Elearning Development Process

We speak with our clients at length:

#1 Delivery options include: Online Synchronous; Online Asynchronous at Work (known technology); Online Asynchronous at Home (unknown technology); Classroom Supplemental; Jobsite Supplemental; "Refresher"; Just-in-Time/Any-Time; "When Convenient" (Executive Development); Reference Only; Supplemental Depth; Supplemental Reference; ITV Only, ITV Review

#2 Media options include: Text only; Text and Illustrations/diagrams/photographic images; Animation (Motion Diagrams/Instructions); Manipulables; Audio; Video; (VARK Supplemental Materials)

Our Design and Development Services Include:

We test for completeness of content (everyone does, but by asking SMEs rather than asking end users), but we also test for comprehension of diagrammatic data (just because I understand what the illustration shows doesn’t necessarily mean your ESL trainee does), Underlying Concepts (I ran into a significant training problem once with the difference between "width" and "thickness"), Deep Understanding / Synthesis (if gasoline, a hydrocarbon, powers your vehicle by combusting with air, what would that mean in a factory fire? How does that relate to the isobutene powered aerosol cans you routinely use on the assembly line?)

On pricing, however, there is an old truism from the graphic design field: Everyone wants it Fast, Good, and Cheap. You may pick any two.

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