Additional Services:

Full digital photo collage and retouching service

Web Gallery of Reunion Images (hosted on our server or yours)

Digital Cameras provided at your event for guests to use to document the event (we download and process the images)

The Digital Heirlooms Standard Package Includes:

Information Packets mailed to your contact/guest list

Up to 60 minutes of edited video footage (up to 6 hours of rough footage can be shot)

Up to 100 images scanned and sized for your Digital Heirloom Album (CD-ROM or DVD)

Up to 100 portraits and other images taken at the reunion

Personalized Graphics and Background Music prepared by our in-house multimedia professionals

Reunion of maximum of 30 guests (additional charge for each block of 10 guests or less, additional technicians will be provided for groups of 60 or more)

Package upgrades:

Additional blocks of edited video time (30 or 60 minutes)

Additional blocks of 25, 50, or 100 images (scanned images and on-site photography rates vary)

Conversion of owner supplied video or film to digital video format

Digital Heirlooms must charge for on-site time and labor beyond that typical and reasonable for producing a standard package.

Email a representitive at Digital Heirlooms

Typical fees cover studio post-production time, materials, and labor, airfare, rental car, rooms, and meals at or near the event site, and on-site time and labor. A two person team could require three rooms, the third to use as a video and photography studio.

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