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Joel McKinney is a designer, sculptor, jeweler, and painter who works with a wide variety of materials and styles. Originally from California, Joel worked with his award winning architect father, John McKinney, and traveled with his archaeologist grandmother, Aileen McKinney. Architecture and Anthropology have always been of interest to Joel and continue play significant roles in the art that he produces. Click to view Joel′s CV as a PDF.


Joel works range from more traditional cast metals as in Divided Against Myself to The Man Nest, and The Perfect Husband

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Paintings 2005-2006
Joel′s recent painings.


Paintings 2003-2004
Joel′s characters have evolved over the years and have appeared as unique jewelry, in graphic design and multimedia pieces, and in ceramic tile murals such as Blackhawk II.

Jewelry Joel′s cast jewelry is very popular. They have been sold in the gift shop of the Minneapolis Institute of Art and other trendy spots.


Multimedia Joel began working in multimedia in graduate school and taught multimedia at NSU at the Center for Statewide e-learning and through the art department. He has exhibited his multimedia work Of Myth and Prayer in galleries on a touchscreen monitor.
The "90 Digital Days" project (Web gallery will open in a new window) This project, inspired by Richard Kennedy's "Art is for Everyone" premise, Carolyn See's "Living the Literary Life," and a project by Minnesota photographer Jim Brandenburg, (with just a touch of Surrealist automatic art thrown in) involved creating at least one print quality digital collage each day for 90 days, and then offering these for free online. This galley contains web-reduced versions but print quality files are available for the asking.
"Five Pound Bag" (download 1.84mb. Quicktime .mov file, will open in new window)
Catalog: Denis A. Klein Collection, 2003 (download size 1.42mb. Acrobat PDF file, will open in new window)
Virtual Sculpture Example (download 8.5mb. animated .gif file, will open in new window)

Workshops Joel built the Coyote Cupolette at USD and organized the all South Dakota Iron Pour. He has also built other furnaces and helped the Lander, Wyoming Art Council build their own cupolette in the summer of 2005.

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