A selection of Pulic Art Proposals from Blackhawk's Artists: Montana School of Mining Engineering

School of Mines

Developed for the Montana School of Mining Engineering this piece was a monolithically cast hollow concrete sytlized "mountain" with a lighted acrylic "vein" bisecting it. Several options were modeled for this proposal, from an extremely simple three-sided pyramid with a single vein, to a multiple 4-sided square pyrimid "range" with multiple lighted veins, and to a very chaotic non-pyrmidal "range."
The prposal also included some neon high on the walls of the cafeteria, shaped to mimic the sculpture which could be viewed through the windows.
This was envisioned as something that kids (and students) could climb on. It is constructed of 6" thick reinforced concrete with a 6" thick clear sealed acrylic or epoxy streak, which is lighted by flourescent tubes inside. A manhole covered, subterranian access tunnel provides egress.

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