BLACKHAWK-STUDIOS / mosaic stock and tokens

"Tile" for Tessera
Relief pieces for mosaic tessera are not uniform size or shape. These pieces come in a wide variety of patterns and colors and are sold by the pound. Popular styles include

  • Random: A wide range of textures, patterns and colors
  • Natural: Natural and geometric patterning in a wide range of greens, light blues, and earthtones with a small percentage of bright floral colored pieces
  • Warm Colors: Yellows, Reds, some warm Greens
  • Cool Colors: Blues, Purples, Grays and some Cool Greens
  • Blackhawk Colors: Tiles are glazed in our own Honey, Blue, Copper Green and Bone (Clear glaze over white clay)
  • Other choices are available by custom order (additional charges may apply)

Tokens are single, usually rectangular ceramic tessera with a single image in relief. A random bag will include a wide variety of images and colors and is sold by the pound. These also make great hand-outs and game markers.

Heiroglyph Tessrea These symbols are based on ancient Egyptian hieroglphs. They match fairly closely Englich phonetics and can be used to write words, names, and initials. These can be made in a standardized size or sized for the symbols temselves. They are sold by the pound in random collections in Honey, Blue, or Copper Green.