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Foundry Process: Investment Molds

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Here the furnace is shown hot.
Foundry safety gear is always worn when working around hot metal, tools or kiln.
The furnace is shut down. The lid is removed and the crucible of molten metal is pulled from the furnace.
The crucible is placed in the pouring shank and the safety handle is set.
Two people pick up the shank and carry it to the molds.
The person on the "live" end (two handles) does the actual tipping and pouring while the person on the "dead" (one handle) end merely holds up half of the weight.
When poured the molds are allowed to cool slowly.
Any left over metal is poured into a preheated ingot mold. The empty crucible is returned to the still hot furnace (usually a piece of cardboard is dropped onto the pillow block-this burns quickly but leaves a layer of carbon that keeps the hot crucible from sticking to the hot block). The cover is replaced and the crucible and furnace are allowed to cool slowly. Notice the cooling ingot in the foreground.
The mold is carefully broken away from the casting.
All extraneous metal is carefully removed.
The fully chased piece is patinated and displayed.

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