The Bubbler

The Bubbler
Joel McKinney

The Bubbler is constructed of borosilicate glass, rubber and stailess steel conectors, spot lights, high-intensity microspotlight, frame, pedistal, air pump and folding chairs.
This is a slow, meditative, kinetic piece. The air pump slowly pushes air into the bottom of the lower tube. When the buble reaches critical mass it slips slowly, fitfully across the tube, up through the connector and then across the upper tube. Once across the upper tube the bubble rises quickly up the standpipe taking a pac-man ghost shape. The timig of the air pump is such that each bubble makes its own full journy before the next one starts its trip.
Three chairs are set up on either side of the tubes, the two groups facing each other. The psychological weight of the piece changes radically as viewers come and go. For one viewer alone the work is gentle and deeply meditative. A second viewer has to decide whether to sit beside or across from the first viewer. Each choice has social implications and most strangers will sit across. This, however, sets up a situation where the viewers are in each other's direct line of sight as their eyes follow the bubbles.

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