Untitled (Iron B)

Untitled (Iron B)
Joel McKinney
Found-texture Cast Iron

Found-texture chem-sand cast iron with kiln patina.
The "Doorknob" series is comprised of (arguably tongue-in-cheek) variations on a spherical doorknob donated by Gene Verschelde. This model has been used in part in over 35 sculptures, some are social commentary, others are purely formal, in both lost-wax and found-texture castings.
The found-texture technique involves taking a chemically-bonded sand mold of a found object or texture and cutting and/or altering the old to fit another more complex mold for casting. It was developed by Julius Schmidt, but I learned about it from Laura Griffith, who had studied under Julius, when she spoke at the University of Minesota as part of Wayne Potratz' Visiting Artist Series.

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