The Man Nest

The Man Nest
Joel McKinney
Environmental Installation

The Man Nest project grew out of my background in architecture and alternative construction technologies. My father was an architect in Los Angeles and I grew up fascinated by the different ways people around the world create shelter. Intereting also is the way animals intuitively know (different) ways of creating shelter, and each in its own unique way.
Like the work of the birds I had rules, rules that appear arbitrary from the outside. The nest is constructed of willow branches cut on the farm, and is built using no knots or additional materials. The ends of the twigs are only tucked, much the way orioles tuck, but don't tie. It is big enough to hold two adults, and, at 3 years old, is still sturdy.
I had two students help with this project, Julie O'Donnell, who was working at Blackhawk that summer, and Matt Bertsch, who was here for a metal casting workshop. Julie owns and operates a gourmet coffee truck now and Matt is in Grad school at the Pennsylvania Academy.

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