A selection of Pulic Art Proposals from Blackhawk's Artists: Lake Superior Colege School of Nursing and Science Building

School of Nursing/Science

The new Lake Superior College School of Nursing building also houses the Physical Science department. This project consisted of a 200' long paint, ceramic, and bronze mural covering the History of Science. Designed to run the entire length of the new facility it begins with fire. Presenting the history of science in a left-to-right chronological, but non-verbal way, each major branch would be represented as an offshoot much like a taxanomic "tree."

Major breakthroughs are shown, representations simlar to textbook images (this is a school after all) made from glazed, relief ceramics. Small pimages would be single pieces but larger images (see the fish, the skeleton, and the cell in the diagrams) would be murals made of many component pieces.

Notable scolars would be represented by round bronze plaques with likenesses in raised relief. These would be placed acording to the field of discovery and the time of the person's fame.

An important concept here is to raise questions. A freshman would figure out that this was a linear history, despite the complete absence of words, but would not understand most of the images and would not recgnize most of the people portayed (without names). As his or her education progressed they would understand more and more of the images. This should lead to curiosity about the unknown ones. This also shows the student how much more there is to discover.

This proposal also offered an edge-lighted sculptural rendition of the college logo that could be seen from as far as Superior, Wisconsin.

This logo would be constructed of dozens of 2" strips of acrylic, each with two LEDs eoxied to the top edgelighting the piece and causing the entire plastic to glow. The logo lent itself beautifully to a three dimensional rendering, showing from the sie, but also from the walkway immediately beneath the sculpture. Slight motion would be provided by the air handlers (vents) that blow across the area where the sculpture hangs.

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Science and Medicine (The Mural)

"I want to create a work that is visually commanding. I want to create a work that is visually interesting, something that will engage the viewer, hopefully even after they have already walked by it several times. I want to create something that is site specific and deeply relevant to the mission of this institution.

"But I also want to create a puzzle. I want my viewers to be able to appreciate the work on the surface, but I want them to also delve into the work, to also appreciate that this can be accessed on many different, deeper and deeper levels. I want to raise lots more questions than I answer.

"So I took the "iconic vignettes" idea from the terrazzo proposal and translated it to a single, long mural of individual vignettes and images from the history of science and medicine. I placed these ceramic, bronze, and mixed media images on the single long arced wall, and then arranged them within a framework of both time and discipline: time being displayed in a historically linear manner; and disciplinary organization via a very subtle, painted taxonomic tree. The wall installation opened a number of wonderful options for design and media opportunities."