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Author of Barndance and The Lake Hayes Regatta, Chuck llives in Olivia, MN

Early Feedback for The Lake Hayes Regatta

Shortly before his death in February of 2009, Bill Holm, one of Minnesota's most famous authors, read the just-completed manuscript of The Lake Hayes Regatta. He sent author Chuck Brown, a resident of Olivia, Minnesota, the Bill Holm verdict:

"All of the great themes of American humor sign up for The Lake Hayes Regatta. The crooked preacher in the crooked Church of the Uplifting Epiphany, a wacko lady politician, a brainless greedy plutocrat, a boozy loose cannon named Tarzan Torgerson, and a boat race straight from the traditions of Buster Keaton and Mel Brooks. This is a truly funny and charming book." Those who read Chuck Brown's first book in the series, Barn Dance, saw people of central Minnesota at their finest and funniest. In both books he also brings a splendid array of characters from elsewhere. Why? He believes in dishing out "equal opportunity offending." In the Lake Hayes Regatta it's a billionaire from New York who acquires an unoccupied central Minnesota church on a lake shore to use as a tax avoiding scheme. The church is owned by Andy Hayes and his struggling business, the Paul Bunyan Sailing School and Poet's Retreat.

And the fun begins.

Regatta has been out only a short time but is beginning to collect reviews from early readers.

Al Eisele, a native of Blue Earth, Minnesota, a resident of Washington, D.C., was founding editor of The Hill, Washington's political newspaper, and he served as communications director for Vice President Walter Mondale. Eisele shared with us a succinct opinion upon completing reading: "Lake Hayes Regatta is a terrific read."

Jaci Spuhler, History Librarian and Archivist at the Eagle, Colorado Public Library wrote: "I was trapped on an American Airlines flight from Dallas Forth Worth to Eagle-Vail. We were unable to take off. I found myself laughing out loud as I read this thoroughly enjoyable novel. Bishop Bob made me glad to be Episcopalian (sometimes it takes a lot these days) and I've come to the conclusion that everyone in Minnesota has more sex than people in Colorado. A great novel."

Susan Williams, editor of the Renville County Register in Central Minnesota, reviewed the book. Here are a few of her observations: "Like a fine, rare wine that gets better with time, The Lake Hayes Regatta, Chuck Brown's new book, shows the same enjoyable characteristics" (as his first book.

"Brown's characters are the mainstay of his ironic voice, which is laugh-out-loud funny at times. The voice is unmistakably tongue-in-cheek, and this well-written book will readily cheer a dull evening."

"There are many more wonderful characters in this fun and easily-read novel. If readers aren't intrigued enough to read on after the first chapter, their sense of humor and theater have gone missing."

We will pass along other comments in the days ahead. Meanwhile:
Visit The Lake Hayes Regatta web site: www.thelakehayesregatta.com
Contact the author at: lakehayes.brown96@gmail.com



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