Tatanka Arts is a new arts organization serving the Redwood and Renville County Area. Tatanka Arts board members are recruiting new members who are artists and arts supporters. We want to promote the fine arts in our communities by sponsoring fine art festivities, arts enrichment opportunities, mentorships, classes and workshops.

Board of Directors (L to R: Nan Kauffenberg, Donna Larkin, Tom Hollatz, Ruth McKinney, Ramona Larson)

Ramona Larson, (board president) Dance

Donna Larkin, (board member) Painting

Joel & Torri McKinney
Sculpture, Fibers, Painting, Jewelry, Ceramics

David Mngodo, Painting

Nan Karr Kaufenberg, (board secretary) Printmaking

Elaine Hagen, (board member) Photography

Kathy Lumbar Peterson, Feather Art

Chuck Brown, (board member) Author

Joan Dahmes, Painting


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